Children’s Ministry- Sundays 11am

1-2 yrs- Hoppers room 106 TSK high school.

3-5 yrs – Springers room 105 TSK high school.

5-7 yrs – Climbers room 104 TSK high school.

8-11 yrs- Xplorers room 103 TSK high school.


Our children… endlessly curious, full of energy, sometimes noisy, can be quiet, smiling, confident, shy, very special…

Our vision is that each child will feel a valued part of the life of the church, that they will be nurtured into a lively relevant faith in Christ, that their families will be encouraged and supported and that in all of this there will be joy, enquiry, creativity and lots of fun!



Sunday Sessions for Children

Our sessions take place on Sunday mornings during the 11:00am service. We are currently following a curriculum entitled, “Deep Blue Kids” which helps children apply the meaning of Bible stories to their lives. Age categories & group venues are:




Toddlers Hoppers is for toddlers through age two. Sessions are staffed by loving volunteers, and in addition to age-appropriate toys for play, includes an interactive toddler-friendly Bible story lesson each week.  Parents are invited to stay for as long as needed to ensure children are settled before going to worship.




Children aged 3-11 are taught in 3 separate age groups, for a fun-filled experience of learning about God’s love and growing in faith and faithfulness.  Children begin their time at church with their parents for , then go to their class session.  Springers and Climbers classes meet together for the first 15 minutes to do child-friendly worship, then each group goes to their individual room.  Parents are requested to pick up children from the classroom following worship.


SS group 4


We consider it a privilege to partner with you in the Christian education of your child. If you have any questions please email us: