Filipino Christian Community

The work amongst Filipinos at MIC began in the early 1980s. The Filipino Christian Community has grown much, both in membership and ministries, witnessing and serving, not only at MIC, but also back home in the Philippines.


Mabuhay kababayan! Maligayang pagdating sa Hong Kong!

For over thirty years MIC has been for Filipino workers a place to worship in Tagalog or Ilocano, to make friends and share a meal. All this part of our ministry is now called the Filipino Christian Community.

There are opportunities for learning new skills in cooking and crafts. Above all time to share about life with people who understand. Of course there are groups to join and deepen your faith: bible study, prayer, going deep in theology or in Lay Speaking.  The leadership team of the Filipino Christian Community are keen to serve under the leadership of Revd Ray Sison with significant support from all the staff.



The experience at MIC in all our services is a rich experience of carefully crafted services, thought provoking and inspiring preaching and time for joyous singing and celebration. Over the weekend we have three services in Tagalog and one in Ilocano. See the ‘about us’ page for services times and places.


FM Choir 3



Sundays and Saturdays at MIC are a place to relax, to share a brought meal, meet friends and make new ones. There is an atmosphere of welcome and shared community with a welcoming international community. There are opportunities to share issues and problems and to receive advice.





There are many opportunities for exploring the Christian faith in small groups. We use material from various sources on both Saturday and Sunday. The interactive material called Stepforward and the material used in the Philippines, such as Master Life. All groups meet weekly mainly on Sunday and through the day there are many opportunities.


Choirs and Music:

People from the Philippines are famous the world over for their natural ability to sing and play music. MIC has three choirs, an Angklung orchestra and a range of musicians. Plenty of opportunity for you to join in and enjoy and delight of singing to others.




Learning new skills:

We have some wonderful people who are really skilled trainers in cooking and baking, not only cake making but also detailed icing. There are groups focused on bead crafting, ribbon folding, sewing and dress making, and computer skills.


Preaching and Theology:

Some people who are in Hong Kong for a long time take the opportunity to gain training in worship leading and preaching. We also have a course for people who wish to explore Theology and Church Leadership more deeply.  The course is recognized by Union Theological Seminary, Manila and can lead to lay leadership in the life of the United Methodist Church when you return to HK. Fees are payable in advance of each module of the course.